Sunday 14 August 2016

#CountryKids On the Beach at Robin Hood's Bay

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Sunday was a good weather day and we spent a lot of it on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay:

Robin Hood's Bay

The tide times didn't make for a long time on the sand but there was a chance to try to build tide defences:

Robin Hoods Bay

and to have an ice cream from the van:

Robin Hoods Bay
We had set up base near to the steps so that we could stay on the beach for as long as possible. The ice cream van makes a break for the slipway just before hide tide comes up too far! I was determined to stay on the beach until the last minute so the children constructed a barrier around my chair: 

Eventually with my feet and front of my chair getting wet I gave in and headed for the slip way:

We came back in the early evening when the tide had receded to have a beach BBQ:

Whilst the coals were heating people took advantage of the lower water to go rock pooling:

My daughter kindly acted as the smoke fairy for our BBQ:

It was a good evening to be on the beach and as the tide went further out more and more people came down to have a wander:

Robin Hoods Bay

It is a marvellous beach for contrasts between high and low tides:

It was a perfect spot to tuck into BBQ food too:

There was time afterwards for a highly competitive beach cricket match:

Robin Hoods Bay

A great contrast to our previous day in Whitby.

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