Friday 6 May 2016

#FitnessFriday Virtual Racing

After my long run last Friday I wanted to see how much stamina my legs had by heading to park run at Fell Foot:

It was a perfect day for running and even though my legs were tired I was slightly faster than the previous week (still 4 minutes off my PB though!).

One of our regulars was celebrating her 50th parkrun and her friend made this fabulous video of his run (can you spot me…):

Sunday was our first virtual run for Help for Heroes at Tarn Hows which I already blogged about. Here is the Strava run:

I managed to squeeze in a rest day on Monday as my legs were dead. It was almost a shame that I was able to get to my running club training on Tuesday as I really wasn't up to it. Turned out coach (after surviving the Marathon des Sables) had decided we needed to do some hill work up the side of Kendal castle hill:

I just about survived this run! It was so hard to even walk up the stairs when I got home after this…

On Wednesday my son and I combined his fell training with Virtual Runner's "May the Fourth be with you" race in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. Luckily there was no fixed distance as training is all stop start but we both recorded runs of just under 1 km:

It was a no running day on Thursday but I did manage a Metafit class which is Hiit class of only 20 minutes but boy do you sweat! Today it was the Revenge of the Sixth race which was aimed at being further or faster than on the 4th. As I wasn't working it was also my long run day so I prepared for a run in the heat: 

After last week's run I wanted to go further so I set off along the road instead of the canal which added nearly 2 km to the run plus a) avoided stiles and b) more closely matched the half marathon route. I have to say that it was tough in the heat and I was really glad to get back to the canal path and the shade:

This time my legs didn't stop me I just reached the 15 km target that I had set myself and decided it was time to stop and smile:

Wonder if I have done enough to complete a half marathon or whether I need to add another couple of kilometres more…

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