Thursday, 5 May 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful: Sunshine and Showers #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

I am really pleased that the original founder of Reasons to be Cheerful is back to co-host with me again. Welcome back Michelle! Here my reasons for this week:

1) Little victories

My children both had friends over this weekend to camp out in the garden to test out the tent before our first camping trip later this month. Afterwards for the first time since I bought the tent 2 years ago I got ALL yes ALL of it back in the bag from which it came. It was a good feeling!

2) The route less travelled

In memory of a friend's daughter who tragically died as a baby I am attempting to walk a mile every day this month. My friend is raising money for the Lullaby Trust in her daughter's name. We are trying to mix up where we walk and at the weekend took the other side of the river route home after a trip to the cinema. Its great to have time to chat and contemplate as well as discover new things such as the T'crack in Kirkland.

3) Running away

Beating my distance record for a run with no rest stops this week brought a huge smile to my face (this will feature in tomorrow's fitness post!):

4) Garden improvements

In order to get the tent up I had to sink the paving slabs into the lawn. They need properly levelling off but not bad for a first ever attempt:

5) Tarn Hows

Despite classic Lakes bank holiday weather I loved our trip up to Tarn Hows on Sunday. Its a beautiful little piece of Cumbria:

5) Running on the Helm

The weather last night up on the Helm for my son's running club was glorious. I wasn't sure about my t-shirt at the start but I didn't really get cold and it was a beautiful night to be up there:

Why not join in and share what as made you smile this week?

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