Sunday, 1 May 2016

#CountryKids Tarn Hows and Glen Mary

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Today my son and I headed up to Tarn Hows to complete our virtual race for Help for Heroes in honour of Captain Seath. The Tarn has a circular route around it that we would need to complete two laps of for the challenge. I hadn't been up to the Tarn before and in fact ended up parking at Glen Mary car park. From there we took the bridle way and road up the hill to the proper Tarn Hows car park. It was good warm up:

It was a relief to reach the Tarn Hows proper car park:

We checked over the map so that my son knew where we were going, he is far too fast to run alongside me! The miles without stiles route was a circular one around the Tarn so we basically just had to decide whether to go clockwise to anticlockwise. He chose the latter and shot off… I took it more steadily and paused to take photos as I went:

There were plenty of walkers around from casual family strolls to serious looking walkers like these two who said they had camped out last night:

When I bumped into them again later it turned out one was a veteran and he said that he would make a donation to the charity for our efforts! Most of the walkers we passed were very friendly and encouraging and let me know they had seen my son way ahead.. 

I accidentally took a cross country detour at one point and got rather soggy running shoes! Luckily I soon came back to the proper hard path.

At this point my son came back towards to me as he had decided that running in circles was boring! He went passed me a couple of times as he decide to keep going backwards and forwards whilst I just plodded on.. It is a good route with a few challenging steep bits in for those of us who need to get fitter.. The surface is pretty much all in great condition and so you could take a buggy:

When we had both complete our runs we found the shorter route back to the car park:

By this point my son had very cold hands although the rest of him had managed to stay warm despite getting soaked through:

The path to the car park was not one that was particular suitable for non grippy shoes. Luckily our running shoes are fairly good in these conditions. It was a lovely spot to wander down:

There were some magnificent waterfalls to see alongside the path:

However we were both so cold and damp it was a relief to reach the car park at the bottom of the glen:

A short way into our drive home we saw an enticing sign on the Skelwith Bridge hotel offering comfort food for fell walkers so we popped in for a bite to eat:

Really must go up there on a less wet day!

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