Friday 15 April 2016

#FitnessFriday Last minute training

Well with a 10 k race tomorrow (Great Langdale Road Race) I have been panicking a bit about my lack of training! So I upped my game this week as the holidays came to an end. We started with a very muddy parkrun at Fell Foot on Saturday:

Still well off my course PB with a fairly pathetic run but better than nothing:

Once home again I walked into Kendal with my children to do some shopping and we clocked up 8km of walking in the sunshine:

It was still glorious on Sunday so we walked to church and back for another 5km walk:

I have also taken a look at my diet and its been pretty rubbish! So this week I have attempted (and mostly succeeded) at having my 5 a day fruit and veg. My water intake has also been up on the days that I am not working:

I decided I needed to try and run further than 5 km as I haven't done that in over a month! To help me through I tried using the run/walk setting on my Garmin at 5 minutes/1 minute - just a shame I didn't always hear it beep.. So a soggy 6 km later I feel slightly more confident about tomorrow:

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