Friday 1 April 2016

#FitnessFriday Back out running

A combination of working full time and an everlasting cold means that I have't been running much - not panicking about the half marathon!! So I was very pleased to get back to Fell Foot Parkrun last Saturday which was on the original meadow route. With a still snotty nose I was well off my PB but glad to be under 34 minutes:

Let's hope I am a bit faster tomorrow all though the course is going to be a bit boggy after rain tonight! Following the parkrun I took my son on 3 trails with National Trust and clocked up a lot of walking:

We were out walking for a lot of the weekend and I also then squeezed in a cyclone spinning class and swim with the kids on Tuesday:

My children have been pretty active this week so far and just look at my daughter running whilst hunting for Easter eggs:

Really need to do better with less than 2 months to go..

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