Friday 15 April 2016

Review: Original Spirograph

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When I was offered a chance to review am Original Spirograph set I jumped at the chance having loved our original one in the 1970s! Its a toy that has stood the test of time and I wanted my children to have a go like I did. The set we were sent was a deluxe set which looked a lot different from the old red box our old one came in:

What is great is that the set included everything you need to get designing:

The instruction book was very clear (my daughter eventually read it after a couple of fails!). The special putty helps to keep the wheels in place whilst you design to prevent slippage like we had on this page:

The instruction manual told you which of the numbered pieces will create which shapes (there are an awful lot to choose from):

We had a go at copying some of the designs that were suggested in the book. They tell you exactly which pieces to use, which holes to put the pen in and where to line them up on the rings. Don't think our attempts were too bad:

The possibilities appear to be almost endless as you can go outside as well as inside the rings:

Or combine the two:

What is a bit trickier is using the straight edges on the rack to create designs and we went a bit wobblier:

I think my daughter needs a bit more practice before entering the Spirograph Young Designer Competition. This is something we will all hopefully get lots of fun out of for years to come. 

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