Thursday 28 January 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful: Cumbria is Open #R2BC

Ojo's World

Its the last week of the lovely Ojo's World hosting the linky as its back to me next month! I had better be more organised to have my post ready earlier than this one.. Any way here are my reasons to be cheerful this week with a Cumbrian twist:

1) Fell Foot is open

My son and I were back at the reorganised Fell Foot parkrun which has been back for 2 weeks. Its a lot tougher on the course as you have a lot more climb but it was fabulous to be back in such a beautiful part of Cumbria even if the cafe isn't yet back in action:

2) Grateful for the NHS

With my daughter's scary hospital trip at the weekend I am very pleased that we have a national health service that is free and has such dedicated staff. Its also pleasing that the scare of appendicitis was a false alarm!

3) Close call

The river Kent got very high with the rain this week but it stayed in the river bed:

What is making you smile this week?

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