Friday 15 January 2016

Fitness Friday: Brathay Half Marathon training week 2 #ThisGirlCan

Well my marathon training moved on quite well over this last week with a total of 20 km of running - which is as far as I have to go in one run for the half marathon! I started out with what was described as an "easy" 5 km in the program:

It was a wet and cold run and not at all fast but more comfortable than the previous week:

On Saturday my son and I headed over to Lancaster as they were launching their first Parkrun at Williamson Park:

We were rather surprised at being part of 374 runners at the start:

It was a hilly, wet and muddy route to complete the 5km.

My son was 89th and 2nd in his age category (66th by age grading) whilst I was 276th and 20th in mine... (age grading better at 238th!). We had a well earned hot drink in the cafe afterwards:

This Tuesday was able to get out with my Run England group and we did 7km including the long climb passed the hospital. Running in a group really encourages you to push yourself as you don't want to be the one to quit!

I was relieved to finish:

The final mini run was out with my son's training group. The youngsters are so fast so its a good job we get to recover whilst supervising them at various points:

All in all a good running week but not one in which I lost any weight! Hoping to fight off my current cold to run Parkrun tomorrow and then a 6km cross country on Sunday..

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