Friday 22 January 2016

Fitness Friday: Brathay Half Marathon training week 3 #ThisGirlCan

Well my cold did prevent me from running the new course at Fell Foot Parkrun last week but I did manage to complete my first ever fell race on the Sunday! First of all I supported my 9 year old in the under 12s race:

Then it was my turn to head out in the snow and mud:

I was soon trailing right at the back with just one bloke behind me! I found it hard going with the remains of my cold and so even he passed me. By the end I was last but still finished with a smile:

During the rest of the week I haven't managed much running but I did get down the gym once, played my son at badminton (and beat him!) plus a spinning class today:

My only other running was out with my son's training group so it was a case of very fast then hang around:

Its all added up to helping me lose a whole 1lb! Whoop. Let's hope I get out on the Parkrun tomorrow and a long run on Sunday...

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