Friday 8 January 2016

Fitness Friday: Brathay Half Marathon training week 1 #ThisGirlCan

I have joined in with Kate's new weight loss linky to help me with my half marathon training. A combination of ill health and the school holidays meant that I had a couple of weeks of going backwards to I have decided to start again this week! Being a bit behind means that I am paying catch up on the official training plan and I have a few extra pounds to lose... Kate wants us to kick start by answering a few questions:

What are your weight loss and healthy living goals for 2016?
I want to get my weight closer to a healthy range as at the moment I am a long way from there... I know I need to eat more vegetables and fruit whilst encouraging the children to do the same! This is what I am working from:

In an ideal world losing 1 and half stone before the half marathon would get me round a lot faster!

What tools are you going to use to help you succeed?
I have signed up for Dry January to do my annual alcohol free month! This time its in aid of Alcohol Concern. Unlike last year I am trying to avoid replacing booze with alcohol free versions of themselves as they have almost as many calories as their counterparts.

For fitness I am following a half marathon training plan. This mixes up my running with varying distances and speeds:

I have also swam with my daughter and been to the gym for two sessions for cross training and weights.

What support do you need from others to help you make 2016 your best year ever?
I need encouragement to keep on going as I am looking to run more than twice as far as I have raced before! Also any tips on how to get the children and I eating healthier would be fabulous..

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