Tuesday 15 June 2010

Is it time to be a paranoid parent?

I found out yesterday that someone tried to abduct my friend's 3 year old in our town centre last week. Subsequently I was told that apparently there were several such attempts that day in the town.

Until now I haven't really contemplated that some stranger would try and abduct one of my kids as we go about our normal lives. Its something that happens to other people in other places.

Since last night I have wanted to keep my children much closer to me when I we are out in busy places. All this without turning my children into nervous wrecks. I tried to explain to my 6 year old daughter today why she wasn't allowed to go choose an outside table at McDonald's whilst I was still waiting for food. I said that someone had tried to take our little friend as they wanted a child. She asked if people that already had children sometimes took other people's - I had to reply maybe. 

It is hard to clip my children's wings but the number one priority has to be to keep them safe...

As I was writing this I clicked on a link on Twitter to a story of 9 year old girl who has gone missing after been sent to the shop isn't that something our children should be able to do safely?


  1. I have found that paranoia is one of the heavy loads I acquired on becoming a Mum, I'm not too bad in my own town but anywhere else they get strapped in the buggy or hold Mummies hand, I am constantly on standby and get really upset if one of them wanders (my daughter will often try and play boo) My husband says I'm paranoid, he may be right but I would rather be aware and cautious than sorry. If I lived in a city I would be a nervous wreck by now!

  2. This is terrible. I want to teach my children to be quite independent, and it's just awful to contemplate the risks I will have to face.

  3. That's awful. It's such a shame that people can't let their children out of their sight for even a second any more. Trying to keep them safe but also let them be independent is a tough job.


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