Thursday 10 June 2010

Lottie Loves - Finishing School Workshop - Week 1 – A is for Attitude

The gorgeous Lottie has started a one woman campaign to get us ladies to get back in touch with our feminine side and feel fabulous. She started with the Twitter campaign to get us back in dresses on the first May Bank Holiday this year and this was followed by the #thinkfrockitsfriday campaign. Basically this is a challenge to get us all wearing a dress on a Friday. I've really enjoyed joining in and getting compliments as well as making me feel more girlie.

To follow up on the success of this campaign she has now started her own Finishing School to help us even further. Every two weeks she will set us a challenge for us to complete and blog about. The first one is to think about what makes us happy about ourselves without a hint of negativity... not necessarily an easy task but I am going to have a go...

I love the fact that I have really long legs, in fact if my body had reached the same proportions I would be 6 ft!! It's lovely to be able to stride out and I can reach places others can't and have fun on the way... Sometimes I give people a real surprise when I've been sitting behind a table and then stand up as there is more to me than they expect.

My breasts are a very good size - not too big (unlike when breastfeeding my daughter!) but it doesn't need any cheating to have a great cleavage. I probably don't wear clothes that make the most of this feature and hope I can afford to change my wardrobe and do something about it!

I am lucky with my skin in that on my face it is neither too dry or too greasy. I rarely wear foundation and I think that this has kept the skin in better condition.

Everything else is a work in progress and when I put in the effort I will regain my curves....


  1. Yay for bigging yourself up! :D I think this workshop is going be excellent for all us ladies!

  2. So lovely reading a positive post! :D xx

  3. Well as Lottie said only positives! Could have done some more things but had kids around getting in the way ;-)

  4. Great post! I would LOVE to have long legs. I am so glad you are joining in - can't wait to read more from you.

    Lottie -x-


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