Sunday 13 June 2010

Comfort Eating

It's been a bad day, kids playing up, nothing going right - what is your response? Do you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin or a glass of wine? Or maybe your kids have refused to eat the home cooked food you've slaved over for hours - do you scrape the leftovers on your plate and eat them?

Why is it that a lot of ladies get such a comfort from doing something that is bad for us? I know that I am guilty of it myself and keep saying to myself not to buy the "naughty" things in so I can't eat them. Then I find myself putting them in the trolley at the supermarket as they are for the kids... who am I kidding and my kids shouldn't be eating them either!!

A couple of years ago I lost 5 1/2 stone on the LighterLife plan - I looked and felt fab. A little bit went back on fairly quickly as I went too skinny but as life wasn't treating me too badly I stayed a slim size 12-14. Then my marriage broke down and gradually the weight has crept on. I have obviously been consoling myself with over eating and a regular glass of wine.

It is a big thing to get myself out of. On days I feel positive the calorie intake is definitely lower. Unfortunately at the minute life keeps throwing bad things my way: marriage break up, my grandfather dying, money worries and having to keep up work. I'm also trying to work out what I can take from my big family home to my new small one.

In this situation it is ever so easy just to snack as you go and usually this is unhealthy. I've been tracking my diet with Weight Watchers and it's easy to see where points can add up - also forces you to eat more veggies as they are mostly 0 points!

I am really hoping that I can banish the comfort eating cycle and get myself fit and healthy for both my sake and for my kids!

Hands up if you are also a comfort eater? And yes I know men can suffer too!

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  1. I used to be a terrible comfort eater, and I am a little just now while pregnant. It's amazing how you can change that, though. Somehow I made the switch in my head. Couldn't do it with alcohol yet, though - but I suppose in theory it should be possible. ;-)


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