Monday 12 January 2009

Finding the balance..

OK so how do I get the balance right for all my roles in life? How do you prioritise them?

I am a mum, housekeeper, computer technician, book seller.... medieval re-enactor - not sure if that is the right order!!

So I need to spend time with my kids to show them that I love them and to make sure that they grow up nicely and be the best they can be (without being a pushy parent!). Then I have a 6 bedroom house that I not only need to keep clean but also is in drastic need of decluttering and sorting out which needs days if not weeks of effort. Three days a week I am a computer technician and this just about covers the cost of nursery fees etc. Obviously on those days the job has to come first. I also sell books and want to expand this side of my life as it is much more family friendly than my real job. The medieval re-enacting is our family hobby but can be quite costly.

I am trying to use the FlyLady's 15 minute rule and babystepping through sorting out my house. As she says it didn't get in this state in a day! Problem is what to do with the kids when doing housework? I know the watch too much TV & DVDs but sometime it seems the only way to keep them out of mischief (especially O) so I get things done. I have to ensure that I don't leave them too long and try to get them involved were possible.

As my 15 mins of PC time is almost up I'll be back later - got to watch Night Garden with O!!

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  1. Hi Becky. I occasionally watch Night Garden too! I seems slightly weird to me, but I suppose the kids love it.
    Our grandson is past that stage now, he love Spongebob, & various other things. He is 6, & I worry he is a little addicted to his video games, on Playstation 2.
    He is so knowing about all the technology, which has to be good... I think!


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