Tuesday 27 January 2009

Interesting week!

Well I managed to lock myself out of the house with the kids last night whilst popping out to pick up something from a freecycler! Made it an expensive freebie as hubby is out of the country and my emergency spare door key had been relocated to London!! Another Freecycler asked her hubby for locksmiths numbers but they were so expensive!

My kids needed to be inside so drove to friend's house for a coffee. It turned out my nearest spare key was 100 miles away in Bucks. My mate lent me some fuel money so I could spend the next 3.5 hours driving there and back with the kids. Home by 11 PM...

I had my first RSR launch today and I'm sure I can do better next time! Just hope it goes well... My first school delivery arrived today and the school were v pleased with it. Another school spent over £300 so my commission is looking better. Still need the day job though!

Had an fun evening with M & D and their boys. First time they have been over here. Learnt some interesting things such as coming across as too posh and trying too hard as the new mum at school. Apparently people are realising that I'm OK now! The boys are coming back to play games with my husband and I hope that this is a step on improving my time as a school mummy.

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