Monday 5 January 2009

How did those resolutions go??

Well on my old blog I made some resolutions 12 months ago. Time to look back and see how I did...

  1. losing 2.5 stone to get to just being overweight! result: loss 4.5 stone and now healthy; challenge for 2009 keeping it off...
  2. sticking to a sensible budget. result: better but still more going out than coming in; challenge for 2009 reducing level of debt
  3. maintaining kitchen & living room and sorting out rest of house. result: kitchen & living room mostly OK, dining room making occasional appearances, kids' room 50:50, rest of house - ummm; challenge for 2009 keep on baby stepping to declutter
  4. attic playroom. result: started freecycling furniture but filled up space with medieval kit and car boot left overs! challenge for 2009 keep on freecycling...
  5. keep up quality time with kids whilst doing everything else? result: hope so though temporarily doing 3 jobs wasn't good
  6. keep blog up to date. result: better than last year but still not always doing it - must get off Facebook more!!
So what am I going to do in 2009:

  1. Keep on working on the budgeting
  2. Work hard to keep the weight off  (1 might help as no money for naughties!)
  3. Keep on sorting out the house (might help 1 if I can sell some stuff!! and help 2 to keep running up and down to the attic)
  4. Blog to preserve my sanity!!
Let's see if I can do better this year...

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