Monday 25 March 2019

Kendal Winter League - Helm Race

On Sunday it was one of the last races in this year's Kendal Winter League. As it was less than 2 miles to the race on the Helm we decided to walk up the hill to get there - we somehow always forget how steep it is! Once my son was registered we took time to walk the route as he is new in the category so didn't know it. It started off easy enough along a fairly level footpath:

The Helm

Then there was a steady climb to the top of the ridge:

The Helm

At the top the race routes split as the younger runners stayed on the ridge whilst my son and the other runners were sent to the back of the hill:

The Helm

From there it was a steep descent and immediate climb on the other side:

The Helm

I just hope the runners had a chance to appreciate the view as they crossed the ground:

The Helm

Then for the hardest bit with a long and steep 40 m of elevation back to the ridge (seniors got to do this twice!):

The Helm

From there my son's race was basically downhill back along the ridge:

Once he was happy I went back up to the ridge to start filming the races. First up were the U11 and U13 runners for a fast and furious race:

Once they were all safely accounted for it was time for the U15s which included my son:

I managed to grab a quick photo of my son on my phone as he raced past:

fell running

The third race was the U17s who had to do one full lap of the Helm:

Last up were the U21s and Seniors who had to go around twice! It was an exciting race to watch especially the first few runners:

Only one points race left in this year's league so I look forward to being at Elterwater next Sunday for some more dramatic action!

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