Friday 15 February 2019

Mid Lancs League Cross Country at Leigh Sports Village

Our first sporting activity of the weekend was a trip down the M6 and M61 to Leigh in Lancashire so my son could run in the Mid Lancs League cross country. These races are very fast and furious which doesn't really suit him but they make for good race practice and fitness. The first job on arrival is always to walk the course. As there are so many categories there are different lengths of laps and combinations. His course was going to be one medium lap:

Out on the golf course there was plenty of tape to help runners find their way:

Once he had walked the route I headed out onto the course to find suitable spots for videoing each of the 7 races. I tried to find something slightly different for each of them to showcase the route:

Race 1 was for the under 11 girls:

They were followed by the under 11 boys:

The third race was for the under 13 girls:

Then as cross country sticks to old fashioned gender differences it was the under 13 boys with the under 15 girls (which included my son):

Next up were the under 15 boys with under 17 girls:

The penultimate race was for under 17 boys, under 20 women and senior women, as well as vert 70 men:

Finally the under 20 men and senior men ran:

All in all a great running spectacle. 

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