Monday, 4 February 2019

#AD Ravensburger What If Puzzle: Lost in Translation

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I am always really pleased to be asked to review Ravensburger jigsaws as they are such great quality and a great challenge. The Lost in Translation puzzle certainly lived up to my expectations:

The thing about these What If puzzles is that the final picture does not match the picture on the box but you have to make educated guesses as to how it has changed. So of course I had to start with the traditional edge piece construction:

The soft click technology means that is really obvious when you have put the right pieces together although finishing it still requires pattern matching and some checking with the box:

The easy bits of the puzzle were the sections with writing on as this was easy to match up and place:

Then it was time to rope in the sorting trays to help with the rest of the puzzle:

Not only did this make it easier to organise colours and patterns but gave an area to experiment with putting sections together such as this tartan shirt:

The fact that the background colours have changed from the box makes the puzzle more challenging. At least the 5 characters have the same clothes, faces and hair just in a different pose to the original picture:

I would certainly recommend this puzzle as a great challenge and perfect for a winter's weekend or 2!

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