Thursday 3 January 2019

#RMRChallenge Run Report 1: Barrow parkun 1-1-19

I was determined to kick off my RMR Challenge in good style! So I had a sensible New Year's Eve so that I could get up at 6:45 on New Year's Day to drive over to Barrow for parkrun at 9 am. It was a lovely quiet drive along the peninsular with the sun rising. At the park I met a few familiar faces and then took my place at the back of the crowd for our run. I hadn't been to the parkrun for 2 years so it was lovely to see the views:

Barrow parkrun

I knew this was only my first parkrun of 2 so I was content to take it easy and grab photos and walk up some of the many hills:

Barrow parkrun

It is a multi-lap route so I got to know when the tough parts were coming and also the best views such as the cenotaph:

Barrow parkrun

They had a regular course photographer and he caught me in action:

Barrow parkrun

I finished nearly 2 minutes slower than on my previous visit but then I hadn't really pushed myself:

A pretty good start to 2019 and my challenge, I felt good enough to head over to Millom for a second parkrun:

Here is the Relive video of the run:

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