Monday 4 June 2018

#CountryKids on the beach at Les Mouettes, Vendee

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

It's been all quiet on the blog as we have been in France enjoying the camping break I had partly won from Canvas Holidays. On our first full day at the site it was extremely hot and sunny so we headed down to the beach (it turned out to be a longer walk than advertised!). It was almost deserted as was not French holiday season:

My son lost no time in heading down to the waves whilst the adults set up base:

It was so peaceful and quiet as well as being very clean. I suspect that in August it is packed out with holiday makers:

My son soon started work on building a marble run to see if we could make videos like some of the ones he has been enjoying watching on YouTube:

Of course it ended up being mostly my digging and engineering skills that built! We had lots of testing to do before it was ready. The films I took need editing before I put them on my YouTube channel

Next up for him was to build a castle above the tide line for the traditional, pointless, battle versus the incoming tide:

This gave time to relax in the sun (and unfortunately gain my first sun burn!). I was there for the final stand though:

I managed a brief dip in the water but my son held off swimming until we got back to the campsite. I have to say I am not sure that the main pool was much warmer than the sea but it had a lot fewer waves:

More French adventures to come!

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