Friday 8 June 2018

Chateau and Velo Rail at Commequiers

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

One of days out was to the Velo Rail at Commequiers. We first discovered the joys of the Cycle Trains when staying in Seine et Marne in 2013 and so were keen to have another go now that my son was tall enough to pedal! 

We allowed time to picnic on the way having pre-booked for 2 pm (be warned its very popular so you have to reserve...). So we hunted down the Chateau Commequiers:

Unfortunately due its state of disrepair the castle has been closed for access since 2014 and they are raising funds to rescue it. They still use the grounds for a medieval spectacular in August:

Hidden in the woods we discovered a children's play area:

Then it was on to the Velo rail for our scheduled booking. We opted for a car not right at the front but a few further back so that we didn't feel pressured to pedal too fast! A brief safety message, we had English instructions on paper, my dad and son started the pedalling for our 10 km ride.

Every so often there are road crossings with barriers or lights but the rest of it is through woodlands like these:

The way out was slightly uphill for much of it which was hard work for those powering the car. So we swapped over every few kilometres. At the end of the track you turn your car around and then wait for everyone to finish. After that its an easier ride back as there are a few downhill sections!

We saw plenty of butterflies and even had a close encounter with a buzzard! On the way back the wildflowers, grass and weeds were being cut back so the next riders wouldn't be avoiding being stung... A day out we would certainly recommend. Here is a taster of what it was like put on to YouTube:

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