Wednesday 6 June 2018

St Jean de Monts - Panoramic Wheel

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

On our way back from Noirmoutier we stopped in St Jean de Monts for an ice cream. As we parked up we spotted the panoramic wheel:

Now as a family that is scared of heights some of us are mad enough to confront those fears when it comes to giant wheels! My son has now grown up enough that he will do things that scare him:

This was a video I made as we went up to the top of the wheel:

I love being on these wheels and taking a close look at the engineering which I find quite beautiful:

My dad prefers to admire the engineering from a point much closer to terra firma:

He took this photo of me as the wheel went round (easy to spot when only 2 cars when in use):

When we came off we retired to the cafe we had spotted from the top. My son had the most amazing milkshake:

Funnily enough he didn't want to share:

There was a lot more in the town to investigate but that will have to wait for a future visit! 

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