Sunday 14 January 2018

Review: Ravensburger Jigsaw Awesome Alphabet "A"

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I was sent a new 1000 piece jigsaw by Colin Thompson called Awesome Alphabet "A". This was perfect for occupying me during a week of Dry January!

Job number one was to try and find all the edge pieces to get the basic jigsaw in place:

Then I could begin to try and spot obvious pieces that went together:

It was a very busy jigsaw and I have a very small table so I nipped up to my parents' to borrow the Sort & Go! (affiliate link) we bought my dad a few years ago:

It was well worth the effort of sorting the 100s of pieces into 6 designated trays:

I could then just tackle one of the trays at a time and I started with the central capital A shelving:

The puzzle was really taking shape by now and I could spot many of the A's that feature on it (a good idea might be to right them down as you spot them as there are an awful lot of them):

It was surprising how hard some of the pieces were to position as there is such a lot going on in the jigsaw! It certainly makes it a good challenge. However I eventually got to the last tray:

and then that all important last piece:

It does look very impressive now that it is finished and I still haven't spotted or worked out what all the A's are (but I haven't yet given in to read the list that was included in the box). If you can spot any then please comment below:

A couple of the pieces had suffered when separated in the factory but this didn't prevent me from getting them in the puzzle. I would certainly recommend this if you fancy a jigsaw that is both challenging as a puzzle on its own and that has added value in the spotting of all its features.

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