Saturday 27 January 2018

#CountryKids KWL 2018 Giggleswick Fell Race

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

On Sunday I drove through falling snow to get to the second Kendal Winter League of the year. I was going to be filming for YouTube after the success of Scout Scar. My son was injured so stayed back in Kendal in the warm:

As I had been to the race a few times (including once when I ran it!) I knew the best spot to film was at the water crossing:

The snow continued to fall so I had to protect my camera to keep it dry whilst waiting for the first race:


Finally the races started and I filmed the brave children from 8 to 16 who competed in three different races but they all tackled the water jump and the snow:

After they had finished it was time for the adults and 17 year olds to show their mettle and brave the conditions and the water:

Tomorrow I will be doing more filming at the next race at Whitestones and the forecast is rain and more rain! Oh well it won't stop the children and adults from running up the hill...

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