Wednesday 3 January 2018

Did I achieve more in 2017?

I went back to see what I had put as my resolutions for 2017 and realised that I hadn't gone down the traditional weight loss route! So how did I do?

1) More Family Fun

We certainly packed a lot in to 2017 including trips to Northumberland:

Hikes up the Old Man in the snow:

Several games of football golf:

We also continued our love of board games and added even more to our collection!

2) More Running

Well I may not have run the hoped for 1000 km but I did manage over 700 which is pretty good achievement. My son has carried on with his fell running and looking forward to the new winter series:

My running was plenty of parkruns (even getting my 50 shirt!) but also the Grasmere Gallop 10 km trail race:

My daughter even joined us the colour dash at the castle: 

I wonder if we will manage even more in 2018!

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