Friday 17 November 2017

My dream adult escape spot

I heard from Boo, Roo and Tiger Too that the lovely people at Tiger Sheds are challenging bloggers to plan their perfect adult escape space in one of their sheds. Now as a single mum with a boy into gaming and YouTube I would love somewhere that I could shut myself away and relax...

So first up I need to choose my ideal shed. Of course I would like plenty of light to get in and enough room for all my requirements. I think that the Tiger Garden Studio Plus would fit the bill nicely:

So next up I will need somewhere comfortable to sit... I think this plum corner sofa from Marks and Spencer would be lovely and cosy:

I would need a nice coffee table with a bit of storage to put things on or in. As I have a bit of hankering for solid wood I would consider this piece from Oak Solution:

Having considered some basic furniture I need to think about what I would want to do in the room... Well my all time favourite relaxation is reading so I would need to have a bookcase like this one from CFS:

A good light will be essential for reading and I quite fancy this mother & child lamp from Ikea:

Whilst I am enjoying my book I will need some refreshment... This of course will depend on the time of day but I need to cover all options from coffee to wine... So I think these cover all bases:

I had a chat with my mum and she came up with a couple of useful items that she would put in her escape pad that I will add to mine - warmth for the humans and cold for the wine!:

Now to think about turning the wooden shed into a cosy place with some soft furnishings...

With those it will be a nice cosy spot so snuggle up with a good book and a glass of wine or a mug of coffee! I will just need to draw the curtains to shut away the rest of the family:

Can you think of anything I might have forgotten? I have deliberately not put in any tech as the only thing allowed would be my phone!


  1. I'd choose all that furniture that you chose. What a great way to add an extra room without the expense and mess of an extension.

  2. If only I had the space and money for a shed!


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