Tuesday 21 November 2017

#CountryKids A weekend of fun at Kendal Mountain Festival #Kendal17

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Having popped up  quick post with just a YouTube video yesterday I thought I had better elaborate a bit more about the fun we had at Kendal Mountain Festival this weekend! First of all I got us tickets to see a talk about a new Channel 4 show Britain's Abandoned Playgrounds. This is a show where a free runner, slack liner, BMX rider and skateboarder have fun in some unusual locations:

There was a chat with the makers of the show plus the stars. A couple of them demonstrated their skills in front of us (check out the video from yesterday...) We watched some footage and then got to see the world premiere of the first episode. At the end the stars were happy to stop and chat to the children:

Outside lots of the children had a go at free running around on the walls etc much to the angst of us parents! Guttingly I had missed out on tickets to see Steve Backshall who was on next so we went home for the night.

On the Sunday we walked into Kendal to the Base Camp at the Brewery Arts Centre:

Inside the tents were plenty of stalls selling wonderful outdoor equipment plus activities and chances to win goodies. We both came close to winning a Hydro Flask:

My son wasn't interested in listening to the speakers but I was very pleased to come fairly close to the legendary Sir Chris Bonnington:

We spent a lot of time on a scavenger photo hunt to win a bagful of goodies from the University of Cumbria:

There aren't many places where a child can try out a skidoo:

We filled our stomachs on locally sourced burgers and washed them down with appropriate beverages. This one was mine:

Whilst I was supping my ale my son tried out a virtual bird hide which he seemed to enjoy:

Then he braved the National Parks shower to check out how waterproof their new Ranger uniforms are! He was pleased to find out that he stayed dry:

It was all so much fun and I just wish I had been able to book more events or afford some decent kit! However my son is now inspired to get out and make a fell running film for next year's competition...

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