Friday, 29 September 2017

#FitnessFriday A Mixed Bag

My weekly parkrun photo has reached the point where I have been brave and ordered the next size down shirt for my 50th milestone! It will be appearing soon but not for tomorrow's run as not being delivered in time... It has been a mixed bag this week as this morning I had put back on the weight I had lost last week... Not sure how much of that is due to a tummy bug that appeared yesterday... So what did I do right or wrong this week:

1) Diet

Not sure I have done too fabulously this week for various reasons - although I ate none of my home baking on Wednesday! I definitely didn't get anywhere near my 5 day on fruit and vegetables most days. That must be something to work on next week.

2) Fitness

I am not sure what I have done to my leg but I have only managed 2 proper runs since my last post. One was a decent parkrun:

Then on Tuesday as the sun was shining and I wasn't working I decided to go out for my long run and to add another mile... After being stuck in mud last week I decided to stay in the town and on hard surface. I vaguely worked out a route to hit 14.5 km / 9 miles and set off to do the hardest bits first up hills... The second half was luckily a lot flatter and I was very relieved to get to my target distance with  few loops at the end:

Only problem was that running 9 miles made a slightly sore leg a lot worse... It meant I was relieved there wasn't much running for the adults at junior training on Wednesday:

It was so wet the frogs were out in force:

No running since as not been well and 73 km behind on the 1000 km challenge so hopefully I can get more distance in next week.

3) 30 Day Challenge

I haven't got a progress photo this week as I haven't been well enough to do it for the last 2 days... Its been tough doing 110 second planks and I definitely feel like I have much more definition where a 6 pack would be if it wasn't covered in blubber! I will finish off the challenge as soon as my stomach has recovered and then we have a new 30 day butt, gut and legs challenge for October... mine may have a cross over for a couple of days - eek!


  1. Wow, the difference in the photos of you before and after are really pronounced. Well done. xxx


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