Friday 8 September 2017

#FitnessFriday Abs and Back to Routine

How does Friday come around so quickly? It doesn't help that we are back to school and things get a lot busier. However it does mean that, for the moment, I have more me time as I haven't had any supply work yet! This was my parkrun update photograph this Saturday when I was pleased with a sub 34 time without busting a gut:

I thought I had tried pretty hard this week to it is quite frustrating to have lost less than a pound in weight! So what did I do right or wrong this week?

1) Diet

I had some really good moments like this vegtastic meal thanks to produce from my aunt's garden:

Obviously not done brilliantly with such a small loss but it was an improvement.

2) Exercise

This is one area I am pleased with the results of! I have run every day this week except Thursday (combination of a late night with my son at casualty and a hair cut!). I have mixed up my distances and elevations, also the weather! There have been trail runs and road runs. As you can tell by these photos some runs were better than others:

Today I made up for missing a day and ran my longest distance since June 19th a whole 10 km, despite the elevation it was my fastest 10 km since April 2016:

This means that I am winding back my deficit on the 1000 km challenge:

3) September Challenge

Early days yet but after a week there a tiny differences! With up to 90 squats and 40 seconds of planking it has got harder... 

My back seems a lot straighter and I feel that my lower abdomen has lifted a little bit:

Let's hope for more of a change next week after even more squats, longer planks and more repetitions! 


  1. I love the transformation before and after photos. Well done you!

  2. Well done. The 30 day challenge sounds fun! That elevation though.... !!!! I don't think I could live in the lakes lol hope your son is ok xx


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