Thursday 28 September 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful: Time #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

This is Michelle's last week hosting as the linky comes back to me for October! I had better be super organised from next week. Let's hope I have as much time to be organised as this week... The advantage of being underemployed is that time has not been in short supply. So what have I had time to do this week that has made me smile:

1) Time with family and friends

This week I have spent more time with my local based family including a trip to Victoria and Abdul, tea out and a relaxed coffee. When things have been a bit bonkers this is so essential! Accidentally bumping into a friend when out and about is great reason to smile too.

2) Time to organise

The airing cupboard was out of control so I spent an entire day culling our bedding and towels and putting in back in an organised fashion. How long will it stay this tidy:

3) Time to finish fixing my iPhone

To get all the features of my phone working I had to get help to remove the LCD plate off the remains of the old screen:

Luckily once again my dad had time to come to the rescue and we successfully put the plate on the new screen and I now have a fully functioning phone with Home button and both cameras!

4) Time to appreciate my garden

I am very lucky to have been given some autumn flowering plants which are providing colour for me and food for insects:

5) Time to stroll

With kinder weather it was very pleasant to stroll around and appreciate other people's roses:

and more butterflies:

6) Time to appreciate the guinea pigs

What have you had time to smile about this week?


  1. I was wondering if you were teaching this year? Have you thought of getting on the supply teacher register for your area? I did that one year and it worked out very well. In the end it's not as satisfying as 'belonging' to one school but it paid the bills and afforded lots of free time.

  2. I am registered with 3! Just not much work in September as 1) teachers avoid being out of class at start of term 2) they’ve not got the lurgy yet!

  3. LOL, I wish for you that many teachers catch the lurgy this winter. xxx

  4. You've been using your time very wisely, well done mich X

  5. Lovely nature pictures, but sorry you're under employed right now, even if it does give you more time for other things. I hope it isn't too worrying x

  6. Luckily some bits and pieces to keep head above water! Roll on winter bugs ;-)


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