Monday 20 February 2017

#FitnessFriday on a Monday! #FitBitchesMOVEment

Friday was a bit of a mad night as I was so late home from school thanks to the Lindal road works. It meant that I didn't have time to publish my fitness post and I have only just got around to it today. This makes for a double dose of me in my parkrun apricot! This was the one from a week ago Saturday when I had lost another 1.5 pounds and really starting to look slimmer:

Even more than being slimmer I shaved another 10 second off my parkrun time with an average pace of under 7 minutes/km:

I then went into town to Pete Bland's sports shop and bought some much needed new road shoes:

On Sunday I went out and tested them by trying out a new route up Hospital Hill and then back through Natland:

Wednesday night was junior training and this time we stuck to the roads and ran down to Gooseholme:

We returned through town and up some of the incredibly steep back streets which were so hard on the calf muscles:

I wasn't able to get out again until parkrun this Saturday when I celebrated losing over a stone in total this year:

On the run itself I felt like it I was finding it tough with a snotty nose making it hard to get oxygen to my brain. I stuck to my intervals though and I was amazed to have sliced another 30 seconds off my time for my fastest ever on the alternate course!

Yesterday I was child free so I had no time constraints on my run. I had hoped to do a fell race but as I still wasn't 100% instead decided on a return to my favourite cross country route along the canal to Sedgwick:

I turned off the intervals and just tried to keep on running (there are plenty of gates and stiles which force breaks!). I took time to take photos and catch Pokemon and it really didn't feel at all like a 10 km run by the time I got back:

Having looked at the canal sign today I am now wondering how far I could get down the canal... as long as somebody could pick me up at the end of my run..

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