Wednesday 30 March 2016

The littlest room in the house

Before we fully moved into our Housing Association home we just had time to carpet and decorate most of the rooms in the house. One room that is still virtually untouched, but is in desperate need, is the downstairs bathroom. We are lucky to still have one as many residents have knocked theirs through to make a decent size kitchen! I have to say that the state of this room means that I will avoid using it and always suggest visitors go upstairs... it is only my children and their friends who tend to make use of it.

All we have managed to do is put in some Ikea Algot shelving for camping gear and our large collection of sports shoes:

The previous tenant had various pets and we think that they may have done a few tinkles in this room so we need to rip out the flooring and replace it with something fresh. Unfortunately being lino on bitumen its been a tough job:

I posted the above photo on Instagram to get some ideas from people as to what we can do without spending an arm and a leg. Here are some of the great ideas:

  • box in all the pipe work
  • obtain end of line vinyl tiles or roll to replace existing flooring
  • paint the walls in a light colour and either put up my photos or paint a window behind the loo
  • put up some cheerful wallpaper
  • get creative with storage
  • change the toilet seat and get rid of the sticker!
Can you think of anything else we can do that doesn't cost the earth? We do also have a tumble dryer in there awaiting an electrician to wire in permanent plug:

This room is definitely top of my hit list for this quarter of the year so watch this space..

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