Sunday 6 March 2016

#CountryKids the long way into town!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

There are days when we have to head into Kendal town centre and it is lucky that we can turn into outdoor fun! My son and his friend were with me this Saturday and we had some adventures as we headed along the canal path. First of all we encountered a dog whose owner let the boys throw its ball for it:

My son quickly learned that the dog ball toss wasn't as easy it looked! Then the boys decided it was time to go running and my son followed the route his coach took up and over the turning bridge:

Their various running games got us quickly into the town proper near to Miller Bridge:

After our shopping the boys spent half an hour in the park whilst I drank coffee:

Instead of going home on the canal path we went back along the river so we could watch the birds:

We are so lucky that our town is so beautiful to walk around that its a pleasure to do so:

Nearer home we checked out where the environment agency had dredged out our gravel bank so reduce the chance of flooding:

Outdoor fun doesn't have to be big day out when you live somewhere like Kendal!

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