Wednesday 15 April 2015

#CountryKids Newquay and Mawgan Porth

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
After our Karting we headed up to Newquay in search of some beach fun and lunch. It was an amazing coastal drive but the town itself was too commercial and frantic for us. So we grabbed some pasties and I snapped the main beach before we left:

A Google search revealed a dog friendly beach back along the coast at Mawgan Porth so we all headed that way. It was worth the drive:

The children were soon in wet suits and took the very long walk to the sea (it was low tide):

Once again I was only brave enough to dip my toes in whilst they enjoyed the breakers:

Gemma the spaniel soon decided to join in. She loved the stream running down the beach but once she discovered the waves she wasn't so keen:

The children were so happy jumping in the waves and mucking about in the warmer water of the stream and pools. The adults took turns supervising them as we couldn't get them out! At one point I almost managed a snooze combined with a cuddle from a worn out spaniel...

Eventually the children had enough and came back to warm up and get dressed. They were revived with the most delicious ice creams from the cafe. I would definitely go to the beach again.


  1. I went to Mawgan Porth in September and it was wonderful. Had a lovely weekend away with a friend. It's a gorgeous beach.

  2. Mawgan Porth is a lovely beach, definitely not as busy as Newquay. It's great to see the kids running headfirst into the sea, they really don't feel the cold do they!? It looks like you picked a great day to go swimming, and the ice creams sound like the perfect way to end the day. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. Look at those beaches!! Wow! You don't really need to go abroad with gorgeous sandy places like those.



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