Friday 3 April 2015

#CountryKids at Castle Drogo

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

When travelling we often pause at a National Trust property for refreshment and to stretch our legs and explore. This time we had a chance to visit Castle Drogo which has recently been featured on TV due to the major restoration. After coffee and cake we paid for the children's trail and headed off into the grounds:

The whereabouts of the answers to the quiz were clearly marked on the map. My daughter had the version requiring written answers and her brother had the stamp only version:

The builders have a bigger puzzle to solve with parts of the castle removed and labelled whilst the leaking roof is fixed:

For this reason the castle is covered in scaffolding and sheeting:

During the renovations the inside of the castle is far from normal and the tour was quite relaxed:

There was even a chance to try operating a spinning wheel:

To help us around the building there were helpful signs:

There were also some intriguing art installations such as the first drip:

Back out into the garden we went in search of more clues and the missing jelly moulds that had escaped from the castle...

The jelly moulds popped up in all sorts of strange places...

They were even around the trail boxes:

This was possibly the oddest one!

The girls in our group then decided we would take the tower tour which meant donning protective kit and climbing the scaffolding tower:

It looked quite daunting from down below:

Just don't look down:

The views from the top were pretty impressive though:

My daughter wasn't as happy at the top as she had been at the bottom (and nor was I):

We did get a close up on how the repair work is being undertaken:

After carefully descending back to ground level we bid the castle goodbye. I will have to come back in 2017 when the work is due to be completed!

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