Monday 13 April 2015

#CountryKid Karting at St Eval

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The one big treat of the holiday the children agreed on was Karting so we tracked down the circuit that allowed all three of them to race together. It was a bit of a trek up to St Eval but it looked amazing when we got there. My son changed his mind after the safety blurb but his sister was keen to get kitted up and be a petrol head:

As my brother and sister in law decided to go themselves my son and I were put in charge of the gorgeous Gemma:

My son is dog phobic after an incident as a toddler but he grew to love Gemma on this trip and even took her for a walk (or rather she took him!). The others had two turns at racing around the track. It was hard to work who was who but I have been told this was my daughter:

I am not sure who was more competitive the adults or the children:

It was a beautiful day to sit and watch and take photos of the action. Maybe next time my son will be brave enough to join in:

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