Thursday 22 January 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful the winning edition #R2BC

Feeling more organised this week and I actually got this post ready on time on the right day! That must be a first for 2015...

1) Proud Mummy

I am so impressed with both my children with their sportiness at the minute with my son and his fell running:

And his big sister with her cycling:

Glad I am not bringing up a pair of couch potatoes!

2) Photography

I had a great time taking race photos on Sunday and I really pleased with some of the ones that I took:

3) Winning things

It seems to have been a good week for me on random draw competitions. I have been told that I have won:
  • a hamper of Fentimans traditional fizzy drinks
  • a Miele vacuum from AO
  • an iPhone 6 from The Running Bug

Must go and buy a lottery ticket...

Please join us and share your happiness and grab the badge if you would like it:

Reasons to be Cheerful 


  1. An Iphone 6 you lucky thing! Great pictures, I've loved seeing them this week............almost makes me want to leave my warm cosy sitting room haha x

  2. Big well done to you and our kids. An iPhone 6, you lucky lady, Enjoy Becky. Mich x

  3. Looking for Blue Sky22 January 2015 at 20:10

    Fabulous photos and I love that your kids are so sporty. Also I never really believed that anyone won anything in competitions, that's just brilliant, well done!

  4. I am v lucky! Go on get out there and enjoy the cold ;-)

  5. I will - and so will my big girl as I already have one so she is after it ;-)

  6. I win sometimes but never 3 in 2 days! thanks for the praise :-)

  7. That will be one very lucky little girl. Sell it, you will probably have enough to take you all away for a holiday! lol

  8. Lovely pictures and what a lucky week for you all, enjoy the iPhone :)

  9. She will be very limited as to when she can use it for now but she wants to use Instagram and do photography so its perfect for that! Just not allowed to take it to school ;-)

  10. Wow great prizes, I've only ever won one thing in my life and that was from the lovely Ojo's World! Lovely pictures and I too hope to never raise couch potatoes!

  11. I sometimes win some fab stuff! All generally through clicks and Retweets too ;-) Couch potatoes are an anathema!


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