Monday 26 January 2015

Striking Mums 2015 - launch post

Kate has challenged us to kick off our Striking Mum's campaigns for 2015 with an introductory post. She has posed some questions for us to answer so here I go:

1. Look at an old photograph of yourself. How does it make you feel? What hopes and dreams did that person have? What things did they enjoy doing? What might this person say to you now?

I was looking at the photo album my mum and son made for me this Christmas with old photos showing my life so far. This set was me as a toddler:

I was so sweet and innocent, full of adventure and keen to learn about the world around me! My granny and I had such a fabulous relationship and I miss having her around. I would say to myself carry on wanting to know how things work and make the most of family whilst you have them. My younger self might ask where some of my adventurous spirit has gone as I am a lot more cautious now!

2. How will you carve out time for yourself and your interests in 2015?

I am squeezing in as much running as I can this year and booking myself into races to keep me on my toes. Reading is my other main form of relaxation so I am making sure that I read every night at bedtime and also listen to audiobooks whilst running (or doing the housework!).

3. What would you like to change about the way you look? What can you celebrate now about your own individual beauty?

This one is easy when I show a photograph of myself in my running kit:

There is just a little bit too much of me! I love the fact I have curves but the love handles and wobbly tummy need to go... Apart from that I am not too unhappy about the way I look. Maybe I just need to make more of what I have got - makeup tips welcome.

4. What are your personal goals for 2015? Who or what can help you achieve them?

First of all to complete my teacher training and get a job! Kind of important that one. Fitness wise I want to run 5km in under 30 minutes - would love to do 10km under 60 too but that may have to wait a while! Health wise to drop a dress size and get my weight to a better BMI..


  1. You have some great goals Becky, and i'm the same with you. I want there to be a bit less of tum and what not so I hope to be inspired by your posts and progress haha no pressure though! I know how well you've done already in regards to your running and i think it's great. Will make an effort to join up with R2BC as well thank you for your support xx

  2. Laura Powell-Corbett26 January 2015 at 14:35

    Great goals, can especially relate to the running ones, once this baby comes I'm looking forward to getting back to it!

  3. That looks like a fascinating day out! My eldest seems to have an inquring engineers mind too - would love to take him :) Those pics are fabulous! X

  4. great goals. I bet with all that running you will easily drop a dress size. Isn't it weird as you get more cautious as you get older xx

  5. Looking for Blue Sky28 January 2015 at 20:27

    Running was the best thing that I ever did to lose weight and tone up and feel happier about myself.. I actually think that everyone would benefit :)

  6. I love Stratford it is one of my favourite places we are off their in June with Q Hotels I can't wait, this MAD museum looks fab I will put this on my list x

  7. Coombe Mill (Fiona)31 January 2015 at 22:26

    I have stayed in that Youth Hostel! I remember cycling there in the school holidays on a Youth Hostelling tour I arranged with my friend at 15. It was a great adventure and this was one of the best hostels we stayed at. I don't remember it being far into town, but then again we did have our bikes! the museum looks a great way to warm up after a long walk in. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids and reminding me of somewhere I stayed 30 years ago!

  8. I want to go back! Lots to do indoors and out... enjoy

  9. its a wonderful place! we took it over completely for 2 nights so kids had a whale of a time

  10. Coombe Mill (Fiona)31 January 2015 at 22:46

    That sounds perfect, I recognised it straight away from the front. It impressed me when we stayed, I don't remember many of them.

  11. We visited Stratford at the weekend and went to the MAD museum too. I have a photograph that's almost identical to yours (although with my daughter in it), obviously the best exhibit! (It's on my latest blog post over at We nearly stayed at the hostel too but settled for a Premier Inn in the end.

  12. Looks like you had a fun visit. I visited here when I was young and it's a place I want to go again now I have a family x


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