Wednesday 22 October 2014

Workout Wednesday After Dark Running

I have already posted about the great morning at the Fell Foot Parkrun on Saturday which was the highlight of my running week! After that I have managed to twice get out after dark to do proper training runs. My app now has me running 30 minutes non-stop and the rest interval has dropped down to 2 minutes with a 15 minute final run. Of course being me I haven't stuck to this...

My planned run would have taken me on a route which is just about perfect for this training schedule. However, I had to detour to my parents' house to drop off some things that had been forgotten. This added an extra 1-2 km to my plan. As it was dark and wet I really didn't want to walk home too far so I added an extra 10 minute run onto the end of the training programme:

It turned out to be a pretty good run despite carrying a backpack for the outward leg. I broke my PR on one stretch and hit my 3rd fastest time for a couple of others (even if I don't run this route that often!):

So tonight I headed out again with the intention of doing my proper route with the right programme timings. With the idiosyncrasies of iTunes I ended up listening to Terry Pratchett's Pyramids audiobook which was a nice bit of escapism as I couldn't admire the view in the dark.. Once again I went against the programme as I wanted to try and go 5 km before a rest. I did do that but still a couple of minutes off my PB:

So my stamina is coming back just need to get my speed up as well... With half term next week my running schedule is looking a bit dodgy but I am sure that I will get out at some point!

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