Thursday 9 October 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: Smiling Despite the Rain #R2BC

Ojos World

The lovely Jo is hosting again this week and she has such lovely reasons to be cheerful herself! As for me it could have been hard to still be smiling after a series of illnesses and injuries to all three of us but that's the joy of this blog hop it focusses on the positives. 

1) Beautiful mornings

Yes its been a monsoon mostly since October started but we have had some stunning frosty mornings. Looking out of my kitchen window to views like this starts my day with a smile:

2) Mended phone

I finally gave in (as my iPhone screen was so badly cracked it barely worked) and got my phone fixed this week. I had felt so awful not being able to text, take photos or answer the phone.. So I coughed up to get the screen replaced and its such a relief to have it back. It is on its last legs as the battery randomly discharges but at least the majority of the time I have a working mobile!

3) Student finance

After 3 months my finance is finally approved!! OK so its not reached my bank account yet but I know that the children and I won't be starving as I study! Just have to remember that I have to pay half of it back eventually..

4) On the run

You may have seen yesterday that I managed a run after a week off. Despite the rain it felt really good. Just hope I don't have to wait a week until the next one..

Have you got reasons to be cheerful to share?


  1. I do love a crisp frosty morning! Glad your finance is starting to get sorted. #R2BC

  2. That's great, really well done! I've just got back into running too so can totally relate. It's hard when you can't just go out when you want isn't it, I have to say I put my running stuff on the other night and when I realised it was wet and dark outside I chickened out! Keep it up.

  3. Well done! I'm training for a half marathon & great north run next year. I was a fair weather runner but now I need to get out in the rain, especially now the weathers turning. Xx

  4. I prefer running in rain to heat!! good luck with your runs

  5. at least you don't overheat when running in the wet ;-)

  6. Looking for Blue Sky11 October 2014 at 21:11

    Hopefully the illnesses and injuries are on the mend and you can start to enjoy life as a student x

  7. Erg us the loads off laces to r r but guess yiu need to loo land see

  8. Ohh you'll be able to relax into the student life now! And what a gorgeous view you get each morning! :)

  9. I do love your morning pictures. Glad your finances are improving, that's got to feel like such a weight lifted xx


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