Thursday 2 October 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: It's October #R2BC

Ojos World

A change of month means a change of host (and badge!) so I have handed the reins back to Jo at Ojo's World. Please do pop over to her blog as she loves visitors! I can now chill for a month and enjoy the start of my favourite season... 

Here are my reasons this week:

1) Natural beauty

I am lucky to have inherited some gorgeous roses in the garden and seeing them still flowering makes me grin:

The blue skies we are mostly still having really help keep the mood going.

2) Fitness

I feel like I am becoming fitter again with all my running building up so that I managed 25 minute non stop yesterday:

Just need to get my speed back to my May speeds in time for the Langdale Christmas pudding 10 k.. Combined with restarting the 30 day shred for October I hope to really get myself into the shape I want to be and a lot less wobbly!

3) Appreciating the little things

Whilst running this week I noticed how wonderful the moon was looking in the clear skies. Tonight I finally grabbed a photo:

I am sure there is a lot more but I am feeling zonked! Please go and visit everyone joining in the blog hop:


  1. That really is a gorgeous picture of the rose, but a moon shot still win every time for me. The detail is amazing. Well done on getting your fitness levels up!! As I've said before, I would barely manage 25secs of non stop running, never mind 25 mins xx

  2. The blue skies this month have been lovely haven't they? Still feels like summer in some ways.

  3. Looking for Blue Sky4 October 2014 at 13:25

    Always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing all the gorgeous Lake District Scenery, hopefully that makes the running easier - though no doubt the hills make it harder!


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