Monday 31 March 2014

Review: Cra-Z-loom Bracelet maker

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cra-z-loom bracelet maker

We were sent a Cra-Z-loom Bracelet maker for my 10 year old daughter to try out and review. The idea is pretty simple you use the loom provided to create a variety of bracelets by following the instructions!

My daughter pretty rapidly sat down and off her own bat with no help from me she produced the simplest kind of bracelet:

Then she decided to up the ante and go for a bridge style bracelet which is included in the instructions. After a while she gave up and handed me the loom, I decided to double check the instructions and did discover she hadn't quite followed them right so I reset the entire loom correctly:

Then I attempted to follow the directions but got a bit confused so resorted to YouTube - it is amazing how many tweens and teens have made instruction videos on how to do these kind of bracelets! 

I have to admit that I am still working on it as I am obviously not as nimble fingered as the kids on the videos. This is what I had managed to do before I accidentally unravelled it:

To be honest we need to dedicate more time to practising doing these together and my daughter has been far too busy to sit still long enough. It's definitely something that starts off easy and then gets harder! At an RRP of £14.99 it will keep idle hands out of mischief for quite some time..

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