Monday 17 March 2014

Review: Cool Create Swap Watch

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We were sent a Cool Create Swap Watch set from Flair to review:

Cool Create Swapwatch

The set includes straps, bezels, jewels and cords to make lots of customisable watches - using the one a actual watch provided. My 10 year old had lots of fun trying different ones starting with a simple combo:

Cool Create Swapwatch

Then she decided to have a go at making a couple with plaited laces:

Cool Create Swapwatch

Next up was using the jewels. She found this quite fiddly so got me to start it off:

Cool Create Swapwatch

There is a lot of potential in this kit for making watches to match so many outfits and to cover most tastes. It's all part of Flair's Cool Create range which is designed to get children away from electronic entertainment and being creative. At £14.99 you will get your money's worth in entertainment value from the set and it can be continually reused and the watches changed.

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