Tuesday 23 April 2013

Tuesday Review: Living World Snail World #CountryKids

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Its a well known fact that whilst children love creepy crawlies most mums don't want them in their house. So my children were very excited to receive a snail world to review. Unfortunately the snails were all still hibernating but they did have fun looking for live ones. 

This Saturday my children came rushing back into the house as they had found some live snails crawling across the garden:

We had to hunt out the snail house and I had to google the instructions as I'd misplaced them. My daughter washed out the container and then they hunted around the garden for the moss and grass that were required:

Bob and Gerald were soon installed in their new home and they appeared happy enough in there:

The snail house gives a really good view of the snails from all sides:

Having checked out the snails' dietary requirements my daughter sliced up some cucumber and popped it into the house:

The children found it really funny that the snails pooped on their food and on the roof of the snail house:

As you can see we have also put in some egg shells as apparently the snails need the calcium for their shells! So far we have all been intrigued by our new house guests and the children have learnt fascinating facts such as snails being hermaphrodites. They are therefore hoping that Bob(alina) and Gerald(ina) have babies!

We have had one close call when my daughter left the lid off but as yet I am quite happy to have them in the house. They are in a spot out of the direct sunlight but hopefully just right for snails.

At an RRP of £9.99 this is a good set for any budding naturalists in your family and they also have other sets in the Living World Series.


  1. sabrina montagnoli27 April 2013 at 16:42

    Cool I need to find some bugs and small animals for my wee man to explore!

  2. I hope that Bob and Gerald will be very happy in their new home! This is a fab idea to enable the children to watch snails up close, I bet they had great fun setting up a home for them, thanks for linking up.

  3. Dragonsflypoppy27 April 2013 at 17:38

    That's looks fab! And I adore the snail's names :)) xx

  4. I may have to get more in the series!

  5. Sharon Donnelly27 April 2013 at 20:40

    this might be just what we need to help with my daughters irrational fear of bugs! that said her nursery collected a centipede and a worm into a bug house last week but they hadn't bargained on the centipede eating the worm....cue lots of questions from the kids as to where the worm had gone!!!

  6. Bob and Gerald - perfect names. I'm normally too busy seeking snails to destroy before they destroy my plants to consider re-homing them. ;-)

  7. Bob and Gerald I love that. It looks like it was great fun. Heading over from #CountryKids


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