Friday 5 April 2013

#CountryKids: Rambling in Cumbria

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 
 On Wednesday my mum bribed us with promise of a pub lunch to get up early and join her Ramblers group on a 6 mile hike. We weren't too enthusiastic about leaving the house at 8:45 but once we met up at the start the children were a bit more enthusiastic:

It was a sunny day but the wind chill meant that hats and layers were required but it was a beautiful day:

We were the only family on the walk out of nearly 30 hikers, such a shame as a 6 mile walk with not too steep climbs was perfect for children aged 6 and up. My children quickly adopted adults to walk with at the front of the group whilst I pootled along at the back taking photographs!

After all this dry weather it was nice walking on non muddy paths. There were a few close encounters with the local residents though:

It was a nicely varied route with sunken lanes and woods as well as the open fields:

When we got up high their were marvellous views back to the Kentmere Horseshoe and the Lakeland Fells:

Its obviously a popular route with many paths branching off:

The children were happy to chop and change who they walked with and sometimes even went with their own family:

There were plenty of interesting things to spot on the way from tree stumps:

Or old lime kilns:

It was nice to stop for our coffee break though:

Then refreshed we went on the next section of the walk which took us to Scout Scar which has marvellous views across the countryside:

It was up on this that we really noticed the strength of the wind:

Our walked continued further along the Scar before we descended into woodland and then across fields full of hundreds of wonderful lambs:

Our next leg was through woodland and my son kept looking for evidence of squirrels etc by examining pine cones on the ground and looking around:

And my daughter had a nice sit down whilst watching this black sheep and her lamb:

The walk seemed to take less long when there were more interesting things to see:

and a variety of stiles to climb:

or squeeze through:

Another more knowledgeable walker even told us what creatures had left this delightful deposit (can you guess?):

By this stage the children were finding their legs a little bit tired but they didn't have much further to go until we returned to the Punchbowl and a well earned lunch:

So why don't you find your nearest Ramblers and see if they have a family friendly walk near you? You can go on a couple before you have to join and pay.

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  1. That looks like a lovely walking path, if a little chilly! Good on your kids for taking part too.

  2. TheRamblingPages5 April 2013 at 20:31

    The views are stunning, we just did a 10 mile bike ride today along a newly opened bike path along the old railway line, like you wind chill meant wrapping up warm but we were so invigorated by it x

  3. Can't wait to do rides that long

  4. They love it once we get going

  5. what lovely photos thats a good idea to join up with other ramblers I might look into it its so very cold at the minute tho isn't it

  6. just wrap up warm and take hot drinks ;-)

  7. Loving this post Becky, the pictures are wonderful with that lovely clear blue sky. I love the one looking out to the snow capped peaks in the distance. I would have been just like you snapping away at the back! Lovely to see the children really enjoying a country walk too. A great link up, thank you.

  8. Great pictures and such a great thing to do as a family.

  9. my pleasure, thanks for lovely comments

  10. wow what stunning scenery you rambled through! with landscape like that its an ideal past time to enjoy. and that soup was well deserved and very much appreciated afterwards too "! x

  11. What beautiful photos, it looks like you had a lovely family day x

  12. Kirsty Hornblow6 April 2013 at 14:48

    I love a good ramble to blow the cobwebs away but I bet it was bracing this week! It is lovely to see you enjoying the countryside with your children - I can't wait until mine are old enough to be dragged up the fells! Lovely to find you on the Coombe Mill Country Kids linky x

  13. It looks like you all worked up an appetite and earned your pub lunch. What a beautiful walk with some fantastic scenery and interesting finds. Lovely to see families rambling, well done. Thanks for linking to Country Kids.

  14. That takes me back to when I was younger and we used to go on long walks ending in a pub lunch. Have no clue what the poop is though! Badgers??? I love your photos. I can feel the wind in them :)

  15. This looked like great fun i love walking and wish there was a rambling group near me x

  16. Start them as young as possible then it's easier

  17. Well done! It was rather breezy ;-)

  18. You live in a stunning part of the country - wish we lived closer

  19. Plenty places to stay up here ;-)

  20. I know, I used to come up every June with friends and introduced my husband to the area before Monkey arrived. Once he's a bit older, we will be back. One of my favourite places :)

  21. Looks like a great place to go for a walk, it is a shame more children didn't go. And what stunning views. My son had a hike cancelled because of snow the other week so glad you had nice weather (wind chill aside).

    Thanks for linking up with the Spring Carnival.

  22. a shame for him! thanks for hosting the carnival its a lovely idea


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