Friday 15 February 2013

Sat Nav v Kid Nav

Like many people who drive around without another adult in the car I heavily rely on my Sat Nav to get us to new places. So you can imagine my horror when I realised the night before our holiday that I had removed it from the car and put it somewhere safe! There wasn't enough time to find it before we were leaving so I had to resort to plan B and Kid Nav 9.4:

  • list of directions from Google Maps
  • road atlas

Special Features
  • directions include that way or this way with vague hand motions
  • needs upgrade to Kid Nav 10.0 or greater to bypass the I don't know feature
  • may close relevant map page at inappropriate moments forcing a temporary need to be stationary until relevant page re-opened

  • occasionally responses of I feel sick or I've had enough
  • Kid Nav easily distracted by little brother 6.3 in back seat
  • easily distracted by virtually anything else going on around them
  • occasional tantrums
  • requires regular wee/meal stops 

So why don't you give your Kid Nav a go and see if you can make it to your destination of choice...


  1. For a fair comparison have you considered that both react well when plugged into the cigarette lighter?

  2. Oh that is funny. I've just found a Sat Nav thing on my phone. To begin with I couldn't get it set up right which meant I couldn't see or hear the directions. Doh. I ended up having to resort to a sort of kids nav by asking them repeatedly 'what did she say?' which turned into a kind of Chinese Whispers!


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