Wednesday 6 February 2013

Get Fit Feel Epic week 5 #GFFE

Well it's the time of the week when I get to find out how my plan to Get Fit and Feel Epic is going...

I have to admit its not been the best week for me on the plan. It started off pretty well as I completed the 3rd week on the couch to 5k programme. This had me running up to 3 minute segments. I have to admit that I struggled with this last session and it felt hard going even though the previous ones felt ok! My diet was also a bit to pot and I struggled to stay below 1700 calories on most days.

My daughter did rustle me up this healthy breakfast:


Then I was struck down by the tummy bug and took to my bed all day Sunday.. So it took me until last night that I felt well enough to run. This time I was onto week 4 of the programme and nervous about how far I'd have to run. Bit of a shock to have a double helping of 3 minute run 90 second recovery followed by a 5 minute run! I amazed myself by managing it even though the last 5 minute run was very tough...

So with not a fabulous diet and not that much exercise I was a bit worried stepping up to the scales tonight. It was a relief to be told I had lost a pound! Just wonder what I could lose if I got my diet right... A week without weigh in as I'm away next Wednesday so here's hoping for a good result in a fortnight..


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