Monday 25 February 2013

Easter Gift Ideas

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I have been sent some lovely ideas for Easter Gifts instead of a too big a pile of chocolate eggs! They would also be nice for birthday presents as well. There is something in this selection for all ages.

Nici - Jolly Sleepy Sheep

My children are big soft toy fans so this was a big hit Mummy can I have the rest of the set? It looks dead cute and it feels really soft. I am sure it would become a big favourite with  small child that would have to be taken every where! The sheep have an RRP of £10.95 for this smallest size (10cm) this seems a lot for a cuddly toy but it does seem to be very well made.

Schleich Baby Bunnies

We love Schleich animals in our house and we are amassing quite a collection so these little bunnies will feel right at home:

As usual they have lovely little details and are good quality. At just over £5 they make a longer lasting Easter egg!

Shoulder Buddies

We first came across these last Easter and my daughter loved hers. She was glad to have a second one to boost her collection:

These have a magic coin to make them sit on your child's shoulder. Again at just under £5 from retailers a great alternative to a chocolate egg! There is a whole series to collect and each has its own unique characteristics.

Sylvanian Sheep Family

My daughter was very pleased to see that we had this new family to add to her collection:

These can be found from £10.99 so a bit more pricey than some of the other gifts but if you have a Sylvanian family fan then they would make a cute addition. These have already gone off for an adventure in the camper van! I love the cute little outfits and my 9 year old has great fun making up stories to go with these toys.

Star Wars Angry Birds

My 6 year old discovered the Star Wars version of Angry Birds at Christmas and loves playing it on my iPad so he was delighted to find Princess Leia in our parcel:

She is rather adorable and my son has had lots of fun throwing her around! This would be a fun present for fans of Star Wars and Angry Birds whether child or grown up. They are available from just under £9 and its part of a series to tie in with the game so you could end up with quite a collection...

Ravensburger Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit Jigsaw

This is a puzzle with over 100 cuddly rabbits on the picture:

I started working on this yesterday and found that yes its a bit tricky but the details of each bunny make it not too hard:

My 6 year old sat and helped me for 45 minutes and granny had a go too so its something for all the family. This was the state of play by tea time:

I haven't managed to finish it yet as its on my parents' kitchen table but hopefully between us we will get it done! Like all Ravensburger puzzles it is well made and with an RRP of £7.99 its a reasonable price for something that fills so much time. I will let you know when I've finished it!

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